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Online Quran Courses

We are offering from start to end like if you want to start from beginning, do not hasitate to contact us.


Tajweed Reading with TajweedIntro Icon

Quran is the words of Allah and reading Quran with Tajweed is obligatory on every Muslim. Listening to the Quran being recited correctly is enough to soften the hearts. We have expert Arab Teachers to help you in reading the Quran with proper Tajweed.

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Memorization Memorizing Quran OnlineIntro Icon

One of the great blessings of Allah is that He made the Quran remarkably very easy to memorize. “Indeed Allah will elevate some people with this book and he will degrade others with it.”(Muslim). We can help you in Memorizing Quran Online.

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Qiraat Learn Qiraat OnlineIntro Icon

Have you ever listened to the person who is a reciter and reciting the Quran beautifully? If you wish to learn Qiraat (Recitation), we are offering Ten Qiraat Course in which you can learn any Qiraat you like or even all of them. We have the best reciter for you.

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Other Courses

In this course, anyone can start from the beginning. In basic Tajweed, we will start with sounds or Arabic letters. Your Online expert will teach you who to and where to pronouns letters. After that, you will go to the next level in which you will learn how to join letters and here you will learn some basic rules of Tajweed. We will follow Qaida Noorania for beginners in this course.

The next level is the application of all you have learned in the first two steps. In 3rd level, you will read the whole Quran under the supervision of the teacher so that if you will do any mistake, the teacher will guide with proper rules on spot. After finishing this course, you can read the Quran with proper Tajweed rules on your own.

Memorizing Quran is the dream of every Muslim. But due to tough routine and a busy schedule, not everyone can achieve this goal. This will be the first goal in a true scene. We are offer Quran Memorization Course online so that you can memorize the Quran anytime time for the whole day at your own place.

We will use the classical approach for Hifz course so that you will feel that you are in Islamic School. Hifz course may take from 3 to 5 years depending upon the effort of the student and the duration of one class. We always recommend at least one hour class, 5 days a week for Hifz.

Like Tajweed, reciting Quran in a specific Qiraat is not necessary but it is a passion. Quran is the words of Allah so we should recite it beautifully as much as we can.

We are offering all ten Qiraat Course. You can learn one or all its up to you. You can learn and take ijaazah certification in Qiraat also.

Ijazah is a certificate used to indicate that one has been authorized by a higher authority to transmit a certain subject or text of Islamic knowledge. This usually indicates that the student has received this knowledge through face-to-face communications “at the feet” of the teacher. At our QuranTutorLive, the Ijazah is limited to the Qiraat of the Quran only. This Course enables students to get one-on-one Tajweed and Hifz classes from a member of our certified Hifz Teachers. There is no age limit on the enrollment of this course. The goal is for students to graduate with full memorization of the whole Quran with excellent Tajweed and become certified to teach others themselves.


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They will have to make the best of things its an uphill climb

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One to One

One teacher will conduct class of one student at a time.

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You can take classes as per your desied time and days.

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Online Portel

We are providing online portel to track lesson history.

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Qualified Teachers

We have qualified and trained teachers for classes.

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Our Teachers

We have qualified and well trained teachers for online classes

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Hafiz e Quran

All our teachers are Hafiz e Quran

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Tajweed and Tarteel

They have sound knowledge of Tajweed

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They have ijaazah of different Qirats

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Ijaazah Certification

They can issue ijaazah after course completion

If you have two kids, you can get discount of 10% on the fee of the second kid

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Virtues of Learning the Quran

The best among you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it. Praised God Almighty on the following to the Book of Allah said...

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Virtues of learning Quran

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. All praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

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