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When you enter and fill out the form to start with us, you agree to these policies.

Attendance & Absence

1- If you want to cancel the lesson, you must report it 24 hours in advance to support’s email (support@saioi.net ), unless there is an emergency or accidental something, such as "death or illness". In this case, the lesson can be scheduled to another time.

2- If not reported, this lesson will be counted and the lesson will not schedule again.

3- Contact should be through the e-mail for replying as soon as possible.

4- Student has the right to take two weeks leave during the course and will be compensated for him/her, but must be reported before and this should be the maximum period not to forget What has been studied.

5- If student waited for teacher for 20 minutes didn’t attend, then there is a problem from the side of the teacher and will be solved also will be compensated without additional fees, but must inform the support immediately.

Times & Lessons:

6- You must abide by the rules of each course and what the teacher asks from you and should attend with all educational means as book and pen to get the best possible result in fast time.

7- Your teacher will be waiting for you in the class until half time then he will leave if he does not find you and support will try to communicate with you if not attend the lesson will be counted as absence without excuse.

8- If you don’t find the teacher at beginning of the lesson, communicate directly with the support who will be contact with you directly to solve the problem. Communicating through email is best (support@saioi.net) for respond quickly.

9- In case of delay without excuse, the lesson will be terminated on time.

10- You should report any problem that occurs at once in order to investigate it and give the best result.

Holidays & Vacations:

11- Eid al-Fitr and start from the first of Shawwal and duration of 4-5 days.

12- Eid al-Adha and start from the ninth of Dhul-Hijjah and the duration of 4-6 days Support will send a message to let you know.


13- You pay before the start of the course and if the cost is high "annual cost" you can pay by installments if you are allowed by the Smart Institute, you must pay on time and you are legally responsible to pay these payments to us. If not paid within a week, The lessons will be suspended.

14- The invoice will be sent to you automatically for payment, we hope you will pay it immediately.

Do not keep credit card details and do not share customer details with any third parties. Your data will be stored only by Merchant Bank, which processes card payments.

Privacy Policy

15- We are committed to protect the data of each student and not to share with any other part other than the teacher for necessity such as Skype or zoom.

16- Please update support with data such as phone / email / Skype / Zoom.

17- Supervisors and specialists can attend the lessons for quality control and this is a great benefit to you.

Complaint Policy:

18 - In case of any complaint from teacher or subject or method of teaching, the student sends a message to support@saioi.net ,The complaint will be taken seriously and will be investigated authority and we will clarify everything to the student until Be aware of what and why it happened. The complaint will be solved immediately within 48 hours.

19- You can request for cancellation and refunds deducted from the cost of lessons you have studied within 7 days of completing the registration form.

20- After this "7 days" period, you can’t refund or cancel. Anyone else who you choose can study instead, but it cannot be returned in this case.


1- You can communicate with us at any time through the following:

2- Email: support@saioi.net

3- Phone: +1 210 807 4378

You agree to the above policies of Smart Institute for the Study of Arabic and the Holy Quran Online for non-Arabic speakers.

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