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Our Mission

We see teaching the Quran as a duty for every Muslim, and a great message. So we have prepared ourselves for this great work, to spread the word of God and teach it to non-Arabic-speaking Muslims. We are so careful and honest to deliver Islam and Speech of Allah deeply and easily.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are experts in teaching Quran, tajweed rules, Islamic studies "fiqh, Hadith, tafseer……etc. they are graduated from Alazhar University or Islamic Faculties and they have "ijaza" permission to teach Quran, tajweed From chains of reciters that lead to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) to Allah Subhanahu Wata'la.

We have tested them and trained them by experts and scientists in teaching Quran because this is big responsibility to teach speech of Allah to people not easy and it is honesty.

For children they have many Methods to make lesson easy, enjoyable so with our Teachers No boring lessons or boring Videos and DVDs.

We have male and female teachers who can Speak English and they have good internet connection and they are friendly too.

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