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Quran reading

Holy Quran is basically a collection of Almighty Allah`s commandments and guidance which were revealed to prophet Muhammad PBUH for all humanity regardless of time and space. It has all the information and guidance on every aspect of a human life. Quran Karim is an eternal book whose orders are applicable in any circumstances, in any place and community. Understanding Quran Shareef can lead any human being to the right path and working on Its orders can lead a human to Paradise (jannah); The Eternal Life. Holy Quran has been given different names out of which "Al-Kitab", "Quran Majeed", "Kitab-ul-Muqaddas", and "Holy Quran" are commonly used. Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic language; the very language of The Arab people, It has been translated to more than 35 international languages giving people the opportunity to understand and walk on the eternal Word Of Allah.Our superior and qualified tutors have made it really easy and understanding for small kids to read Holy Quran sitting in their homes on the internet. Online Quran reading for kids is really a wonderful opportunity for all the parents to save time and money in many ways.

Quran reading for kids

ALLAH ALMIGHTY has said in Holy Quran that "THE BEST AMONGST YOU IS HE WHO LEARNS AND TEACHES THE HOLY QURAN ". To fulfill this duty and make people aware of God`s word, Quran Tutor Live has taken the initiative to spread the true spirit of Holy Quran and Islam. Although it has beed translated to many other languages, still it is not understandable and readable for many people on this earth.Our experienced Quran Tutors Team will help you to read the Holy Quran from the very basic level along with all the basic Tajweed Rules. Our different Packages will suit you in time, affordability and availbility. Our excellent services are for any one; Male or Female, working people or stay-home people, old or young, and even kids. Our Quran Tutors will communicate one-to-one with each student to enhance the abilities to read Quran Karim.Visit the FAQ if you need any immidiate assistance. Avail this perfect opportunity to read Quran Shareef from professional Quran Tutors. JOIN US TODAY.

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